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What Is Wahoo Internet?

Wahoo is the rural internet solution you have been waiting for. No longer do you have to settle for dial-up, satellite or slow DSL just because you choose to live outside of cities and suburbs. For just $99.99/month, Wahoo will deliver true 4G LTE speeds that average at 25 Mbps directly to your home along with 500 GB of data* to use for whatever you choose!

Whether you are a heavy gamer who needs a low ping rate or you want to be able to stream your favorite shows and movies without buffering or slowdowns, Wahoo has the quality services you want from your internet service provider.

*After 500 GB of data usage your speed will be throttled. Usage over 900 gigabytes will result in account closure for abuse and no refund will be issued.

How Your Wahoo Service Is Powered

By partnering with the nation’s top wireless providers, Wahoo uses the signal from these providers’ towers – the same ones that power your smartphones – to deliver 4G LTE speeds to even the most rural of areas. After you order your service, we’ll even ship you the Wahoo plug-and-play modem that can travel with you wherever you go!

With a national average speed of 25 Mbps, an ultra-low ping rate that’s perfect for gaming, and 500 GB* of high-speed data, you can do all of the things you love to do online with ease.

Wahoo’s Plug-and-Play Modem Is Your Ultimate Travel Buddy

With Wahoo, there’s no need for complicated equipment or long-awaited service appointments. Our plug-and-play modem ships to your home and can be set up in minutes! Since it is not tied or bound to any landlines, the modem can travel wherever you do, as long as it is within sufficient range to a nearby tower and has a power source.

Whether you want a reliable internet connection on a boat, in an RV, or while camping, setting up your Wahoo internet is as simple as packing it with you and plugging it in. If you’re unsure about your destination’s distance to a partnered tower, call us today and we’ll help you find a signal booster to meet your specific needs.

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Lydia C.

Dorris, CA

This service is a breath of fresh air! We either had to use the only wired provider in our area which is always going down or use Satellite internet with data limits.

Dorris & Kevin H.

Dodson, TX

Wahoo lets our kids play games, we can watch movies, and the whole family can use for their phones. The service has been great!

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